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property owner & manager

MEET Caitlyn

Caitlyn is mother, sister, creator, fashion connoisseur and healthcare boss babe. She is a Union County native and a UNCC 2012 graduate with a BA in Healthcare Management and a minor in Psychology. 

After years and years of planning family and friend's weddings and special events for "fun", she finally decided it was time to make a living out of it.

"My dad always told me growing up, 'never pass up a good time', which I can guarantee, I have not! He also told me 'you will never be blessed in this life if you do not bless other people'. That is how he has lived his life and that has stuck with me all these years. I was born to plan, organize, and serve. 2021 was a rough year for my husband and I. Losing his father, Gregory Moore, was the straw that broke the camels back - alas, The Legacy at Gregory Downs was born"

farm manager & financial officer


Kacey is a father, husband, Deputy Sheriff, and financial guru. Also a native of Union County, born and raised in Monroe, NC. Kacey graduated from Liberty University with a BS in Criminal Justice.

He is 10+ year employee of the Union County Sheriff's office with 4 years experience as a detective specializing in financial crimes.

After years of watching documentaries, reading books, and learning how to propagate his own plants, Kacey has developed a strong passion for planning out a more sustainable lifestyle (he would start his own off the grid homestead if Caitlyn would let him).

building manager & onsite contractor


Billy is a husband, father, grandfather, Electrical Engineer by trade, and successful small business owner for 30+ years.
Billy is a Charlotte native and went to Garringer High School, followed by attending CPCC & UNCC to obtain a degree in Electrical Engineering.

He has owned an electrical panel company, other small companies, and a custom home building company for decades building homes and commercials properties all over the greater Charlotte area, including Union County, and parts of South Carolina

In his spare time he enjoys tinkering, hiking, skiing (snow and water), inventing and taking care of his lake house and his dogs. There's nothing Mr. Billy cannot do!